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  Hi, and thank you for visiting A Healthier

Way! My name is Deana Rae. I am a

certified holistic health and life coach. I

started my coaching career when I noticed

more people are suffering from chronic pain

and debilitating conditions. Things like

pain, depression, auto-immune disorders, poor sleep, migraines, digestive issues, the list goes on....

  Toxicity plays a huge role in the cause of these issues so many of us suffer from. Toxins in our air, food, environment, and relationships are overwhelming to our systems. Issues like this cause an enormous amount of stress on our physical health, mental health, and our overall well being. A Healthier Way represents a beautiful way to reduce some of these stressors as well as find tools to protect ourselves from the toxins we can't avoid.

    I have been studying natural health and utilizing natural solutions for several years. I have learned a great deal about how to support our bodies naturally. It is my passion to help others by sharing that knowledge. Maintaining the mindset of being proactive within health and wellness is enough to see a major shift in our lives and bring us closer  to our intended state of being. It is something I feel extremely passionate about and I hope you do too! 

              It takes commitment and hard work to make positive changes. 


 You can find out what part(s) of your health/life are not in balance, what goals will bring you to that balance, and what steps can be taken to maintain your new found balance.

It only takes a few sessions to feel better and build momentum. 

Once you feel better, you're going to want to feel even​ better.

Once you build momentum, there is no limit to what you can achieve for yourself!

If you are ready to move towards a healthier version of yourself and finally take control of your destiny and the way you feel CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED TODAY!!!

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